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Unlost, or Survivors

The Reality Show

We believe that non-conventional ideas and approaches require non-conventional formats. After a brain storm, we have arrived at an island. Or rather at a decision to offer one of our initiatives as a reality show unfolding on an imaginary island. The show took place as a session at the UTICamp (Ukrainian Translation Industry Conference) and was a great success. Just look at the pictures and you will see that it was all about fun.

The recent years have been tough for us. Seasoned professionals are concerned about shrinking markets, machine translation that is getting smarter by the day, and the daring younger generation who seem to be close on their/our heels. The daring young linguists, in their turn, feel that it’s hard to compete with more experienced colleagues who have been around for more than a dozen years.

The desire we all share is to survive, to stay afloat, and to save our ships from sinking to the bottom of the stormy seas.

This what the show was about. We stood up to the threats and challenges facing us and worked out strategies to survive and prosper in this dangerous world.


Pictures provided by UTIC